Monday, September 04, 2006
  Phil's Kaoss Guitar Mod, Epiphone Les Paul, Korg Kaoss Pad, Sustainac Stealth Plus

How To available at unmaintained.com

thats fkn badass.
Nice job!
great hack, I was wondering if there are some software that work the same way ... then it should be easy to connect a touchpad to control a computer mouse ... and adapt the software to control a guitar ... what do you think ?

Man that’s like a 21st century whammy bar. Awesome Job!
Here in Lima Peru you can get that huge gear. Just bring us your guitar, kaoss pad.Contact email:kabukicho2001@hotmail.com
Great work. Could you mount the screen on a less destructive L-bracket or other solution? Real old guitar synths from Synclavier had something like that. Best, Newbie Brad
Great idea. Im looking for a cheap guitar, what size do you have for the Kaoss screen and frame???

The touch pad face is approximately 3.3" x 4.25", however it has a frame which is hidden, also the frame above it is larger than that, about another .5" all around, so, you'll need approx, 4.3" x 5.25"
fucking great man!
where did you get that button?
Got the button at a local hardware/junk/electrical/everything shop, ActiveSurplus in Toronto.
Would u like to sell one of those possibly?
Or even make a new one and sell that?

Email me at lmiah531@yahoo.com :)
First off, thanks for posting this. I was curious where the solder points that you used for the LED were and what are the specifications for the LED you used? Lastly, did you simply use a temporary button? I am not sure if it needs to keep the circuit open to work.
this is so ace, i'm actually planning on doing it some time in the not-so-distant future :D

would you recommend doing it? and how difficult would you say it'd be for an absolute newb to electronics and his slightly knowledgable dad. thanks!

the guitar looks awesome!!
Please follow the link to the forums at www.unmaintained.com to ask questions or for more information. Thanks.
WTF? How does that work?
hey man. I'm really interested in installing that pad on my guitar. how did you do it? is that something only you and a few other people know how to do or can anyone learn to do it?
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i have the guitar, from where do u got the button.

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